Microdosing is administering Small doses of psychoactive substances such as psilocybin to boost their focus, creativity, and productivity. With today’s modern scientific research on psilocybin and the rise in popularity of micro-dosing, magic mushrooms have played a considerable role in the consumption of psilocybin.

This concept of microdosing became popular worldwide around 2010, and most people believed microdosing would improve creativity and productivity.

Some studies prove that microdosing mushrooms are effective for various mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Learn more about Microdosing Here.

Below are steps to microdose magic mushrooms;

● Psilocybin-containing mushrooms.
● A scale to measure the grams you need to make an accurate microdose.
● A grinder. A coffee grinder or pestle and mortar are highly recommended.
● Gel capsules.

Tips to Microdose Magic Mushrooms;

Step 1; Journaling
It is essential to track the progress of your microdosing experiment; to do this, you need to record your progress in writing. It’s suggested to start journaling about a week before you begin micro-dosing. It would be best if you came up with a to-do list of the areas you want to improve, which helps you measure how much you are improving.

Step 2; Measuring
It would be best to have an accurate scale to measure your microdose before taking them. If you are a beginner, it is advised to with 0.1 grams a month and then recalibrate later depending on how your body responds to the microdose. To maintain the long-term benefits of microdosing that you were going for, you need to take the correct measure.

Step 3; Scheduling
You need to know how and when to take a microdose, take a break, and when resume taking a microdose. There are two main ways of scheduling your microdose, and the most classical and famous is taking one dose every three days.

The idea is to feel the full effect of the microdose on the first day, half impact on the second day, and the third day is your tolerance break, and on the fourth day, you repeat the whole cycle.

Another everyday regime is one week on and one week off the microdose, which helps to manage your tolerance and consistency.

Step 4; listen to your body.
You need to take time and listen to how the dose reacts in your body to rejig your regime and avoid going overboard. It is reasonable to up your dose by 0.2 or 0.3 grams or even bring it down depending on how you felt on the days you took an amount and when you took a break. Always consider what your body is doing and your emotions to figure out what is right for you.

Step 5; improve yourself
You can use microdose to improve some aspects of your life. It is recommended to devise a checklist of things you need to improve and always focus on the targeted direction. Remember your goals and record them daily in your journal to realize where you are improving.

If you want to widen up, microdose magic mushrooms are scientifically proven by most studies. Microdosing boosts creativity, mental health, focus, and mood; therefore, it is allowed to take whenever you feel low.

Researchers still don’t understand the full scope of the risks associated with micro-dosing magic mushrooms, and most people still don’t know mushrooms are not legal and, therefore, not regulated. The issue of sleep and anxiety is also associated with micro-dosing.