Forget Vaping Pull Out The Bong

If someone is a first-time driver, he or can find it hard to navigate towards corners and bends. Similarly,

We don’t just go and sniff from the bong as if we are drinking from a soda bottle. We have to set the bong place it on set so that is appropriate for use. Below is the process through which we make for the bong to be ready for use.

Water plays a crucial role in a bong and no one is actually ready to inhale the toxic substances and fall a victim of related diseases. Therefore, filling the bong with water is the first step. The bong is filled with water by pouring water through the mouthpiece until 1 inch is left above the tip of the blog. Thereafter, the cannabis is ground either through a grinder finger. This helps to increase the surface area which the cannabis will burn. The bong is also made of the bowl. This is where you place all the grid cannabis. The grinding also aids in the prevention of the cannabis from been sucked through the bowl during the operation.

We all would want to smoke in our most comfortable zones, therefore, getting a suitable position is counted as steps on how to smoke from a bong. These include initiatives like making sure you are not next to flammable objects and the room is also well ventilated. The bong should be held with your non-dominant hand before you take a deep breath. Deep breaths will help you not to cough so much since your body will be filled with oxygen hence easy to inhale.

Afterwards, you place your mouth on the Spark Cannabis mouthpiece in such a manner that no smoke can escape that means that your lips must be inside the mouthpiece and the corner of the mouth pressed against the rim. Afterwards, light p the lighter with your free hand and tilt it on its side to bring the bowl close to the flame. Make sure the flames only burn the edges of the cannabis in order to make the cannabis last longer. You can now inhale as the lighting continues. Note that at this point you are drawing the smoke to your mouth and not your lungs. When you have enough volume of smoke inhaled, you can withdraw the bong by stop lighting. You can also remove the volume of smoke in the chambers by pulling out the bowl which contains the cannabis and uses only the smoke present in the chamber. Inhale the smoke deeply so that it can reach your lungs, hold it for a few seconds then exhale. If you which to continue with the process you can place the bowl back so that there can be an increment in the volume of smoke.