What Types of Pain You Didn’t Know Medical Cannabis Can Treat?

The history of cannabis as a medical drug has been progressive over the years. It was first introduced in Western medicine in the 19th century. William Brooke introduced the drug to be used for therapeutic use. After further scientific inquiry, other doctors started using the drug to treat migraines and as an anticonvulsant.

There are many cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. The cannabinoid is the main chemical cannabis uses to treat pain because of its medicinal value. Here are the common pains medical cannabis can treat.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that continues beyond the normal recovery period. This pain usually lasts for over three months. It usually occurs alongside chronic health conditions like arthritis and cancer. Chronic pain can be constant or may come and go. It interferes with many activities, such as social life and working life.

Cannabinoid receptors are responsible for chronic pain. These receptors are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are located in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are located on white blood cells. The exogenous cannabinoids component which cannabis uses to treat pain acts directly on these receptors, thus treating chronic pain.


A headache is a type of pain that arises from the upper neck or head. This pain comes from tissues, nerves, and blood vessels surrounding the brain or skull. Symptoms of headaches include dizziness, nausea, vertigo, and pain around the eyes.

Headaches are one of the earliest cannabis uses to treat pain in western medicine. Cannabis is proven to be more effective in treating acute pain like headaches than opioids. Medical marijuana also has fewer side effects than opioids.

Peripheral neuropathy

It is a pain that occurs due to damage to the nerves located outside the spinal cord and brain. This condition often causes pain, numbness, and weakness in the hands and feet.

It can also affect urination and digestion. Peripheral nerve pains can lessen or disappear over time. However, they may persist or never go away. Such a condition may categorize peripheral neuropathy as chronic pain.

Medical marijuana is used in treating peripheral neuropathy. It is considered an analgesic and neuroregeneration. You can use CBD oil for nerve pain relief.

Muscle soreness

Muscle soreness occurs when a lot of stress is put on muscles. It often happens during exercises and sports training. Symptoms of muscle soreness include severely swollen limbs, unbearable pain, dark-colored urine, and difficulty or no joint range of motion.

The marijuana plant has a tetrahydrocannabinol component. This component is what cannabis uses to treat pain, including muscle spasms and soreness.


The impact of medical marijuana according to ShivaBuzz Online Dispensary in Canada has been significant in treating various illnesses and medical conditions. Research is still carried out so that the full benefits of the drug are realized in the medical world.

What is Cannabis Indica?

Cannabis Indica is a crop grown on an annual basis from the cannabaceae species. 


It is highly favoured as a plant that is used to produce cloth. 


Based on its very close relationship to Cannabis Sativa, it bears a very high amount of THC. 


Value of Cannabis Indica. 

Cannabis Indica is harvested for two main reasons. 


The first reason is for the fibres which are used to make clothes and many other fabrics. 


The second reason is that it contains a high level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 


THC is the chemical that contributes to the feeling of getting “high”. 


It is for these stronger effects boost the reasons many users tend to use Cannabis Indica as a recreational and medicinal drug. 


Here Are The Most Popular Indica Strains. 

Do-Si- Dos is one of the most popular strains in  the Marijuana world. 


On looks, it is very bright and attractive to the eyes. 


Its effects are widely known for medicinal treatment – mostly as a sedative. 


It is considered a very potent and effective drug. 


King Louis contains about 21 percent of THC. 


These are very strong levels that create intoxicating effects to the user 


King Louis is known for its scent that resembles a pine tree. 


It is primarily consumed as a recreational drug. 


Its effects range from sleepiness, hunger, elation to happiness. 


Dolatos is a brightly colored fruity plant from the marijuana strain of Indica. 


It is popularly consumed for its very relaxing effects on the body. 


It is mainly recommended as a stress reliever. 


Master Kush is a very widely recommended strain of the Indica plant. 


It has been recorded to have a fruity and earthy scent, with a hint of incense. 


Its effects range from happiness to euphoria. In summary lt gives the whole body an overwhelming sense of relaxation. 


It is also known to boost mental awareness, making a user more alert to his or her surroundings. 


Purple Punch keeps you feeling happy and relaxed. 


It helps improve sleep, rids the body of aches and reduces stress. 


It has a fascinating scent of a sweet grape, hence enhancing its appeal to both the eye and nose (our key senses) 


Berry White is a strain that is combined from two different species forming a hybrid. 


It has an interesting blue and light coloured haze, and has a pine scent. 


8ts effects are very helpful in stirring up a creative mind , and can also be used to relieve anxiety. 


Many people say it contributes to improved conversation. 


Should Cannabis Indica Be Legalized? 


This remains a moral dilemma in today’s society. 


On one hand, cannabis is useful as a very relaxing and harmless recreational herb. 


On the other hand, it has pushed the boundaries in medicine as there have been increased cases of successfully treating patients with Cannabis. 


Overall, the effects of Cannabis on the human body are reduced levels of anxiety, stress, pain and improves relaxation. 


Whether this is a good or bad thing, the choice is up to you. 

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Reasons you shouldn’t invest in Canada’s top cannabis stocks

When making a selection, there are always reasons for and against the choice you make. This means that you have to study both of these sides very carefully. Failure to do this, might see you make a decision that is not justified. When deciding on an appropriate investment, most especially, it is important for your choice to be justifiable. This will ensure that all your money does not go down the drain. The cannabis business has become very popular in Canada due to the legalization of medical marijuana High THC. It has seen very many persons invest in cannabis stocks with an aim to make more money. However, as attractive as this may seem, the following are reasons you shouldn’t invest in Canada’s top cannabis stocks:

  1. Black market existence – even with cannabis’ legalization, the black market is still able to attract a considerable number of customers. This is a disadvantage to the economy in that involved dealers do not pay taxes. Owing to this, their cost of production is lowered meaning that the final cannabis prices are low. This is one feature that makes the black market desirable. It is likely that illegal dealers will find a way to attract customers from the company you invest in. This might mean devaluation of your company stocks over an extended period. 
  2. Possibilities of future regulations – this industry is very sensitive as it deals with offering products that can be harmful to the human body. If, for instance, a lot of harm is identified in the future, restrictive government regulations might be put in place. These may limit the rate at which your company operates thus resulting in reduced profits. If this happens, then the cannabis stocks you invested in might not be as profitable as expected.
  3. Lack of enough differentiation – for any company to be profitable, it must have the differentiation ability. This means providing something different in comparison to its competitors. For instance, a five star hotel hoping to the best should provide what its competitors are unable to. This will then prompt similar hotels to do the same. As a result of this, healthy competition will be enhanced thus resulting in the industry’s growth. Most cannabis companies offer the same deals to all their customers. This means that a customer may not have enough reasons in terms of why they buy from their legal cannabis dealer. Owing to this, cannabis stocks across the board may be equally priced. This means that your investment in a certain cannabis stock is no different from another person’s
  4. Demand uncertainty – this is mostly due to the black market’s existence. Most cannabis companies and growers tend to push the product even if they are uncertain of whether or not people will buy. This then results in oversupply of cannabis which then lowers down the price with an aim to attract as many customers as possible. 

The most important thing is carrying out a lot of research before investing in anything. You should make a decision based on future expectations of the business to thrive. If you are unable to make the decision on your own, consult an economics’ expert. 

Tips on how you can cope with a synthetic marijuana addict

Addiction can be defined as continuously engaging in a certain activity for an extended period of time. The most common form of addiction in the world involves use of non-medicinal drugs such as synthetic marijuana. It is experienced when people keep using them even when they are aware of the negative side effects that might arise. Dealing with these addicts require for everyone involved to be very patient because the process might not go as smooth as expected. Explained below, therefore, are some tips on how you can cope with a synthetic marijuana addict:

  • Conduct research – it is very important to be knowledgeable before handling a synthetic marijuana addict. This will help understand how one is being affected by the drugs especially in terms of their brain activity. For instance, understanding that hallucinations are one of the side effects of this drug will help you know how to structure your responses when an addict starts talking about non-existent things. This is similar to dealing with seniors. When they start asking for their spouses who have long been dead, the one providing care should know how to respond without agitating them further. 
  •  Engage in fun activities – handling addicts can be stressful especially if they are difficult. It is therefore important that you engage in fun activities such as swimming, attending dance classes, playing music instruments and baking. This way, you will have an escape from all the stress order online here. You should also involve the synthetic marijuana addict in such activities so that they become aware of healthy ways to deal with life’s difficulties. This can be a very good withdrawal technique for them.
  • Talk to someone – you do not have to embark on this journey alone. Dealing with an addict does not mean that you have to be 100% perfect. At times, you may not be in a position to offer the necessary support. Communicating with your family members and friends is, therefore, advisable so that they can offer assistance when you get to a breaking point. Another option involves seeking the services of a therapist. All these parties will provide solutions to problems that you are unable to solve on your own. 
  • Set goals – these are the expected outcomes. Some people end up being frustrated because of setting unrealistic goals in terms of the recovery of the addicts they are dealing with. For instance, a person who has been using synthetic marijuana over a period of ten years might not be expected to stop within one month. In order to stay clean for a long period, the process must be as effective as possible which means that time taken will be equally long. You should, therefore, set goals that can be achieved so that the addict does not end up feeling as if they are doing nothing in terms of their progress. 

Before offering to help a synthetic marijuana addict, make sure that you are aware of challenges that may present themselves. This way, you will come up with ways to overcome them early enough. 


Things parent should do to avoid concerns linked to teens cannabis use

Parents are usually worried when they find out that their teens use illegal drugs like cannabis, among others. They know very well that there are many problems linked to cannabis use such as memory loss, and schools drop out among the teens. So, to avoid all those concerns, parents ought to do the following.

Discuss your expectation

Parent-child communication is important in discouraging drug use.  Based on research conducted in the United States, it is clear that when parents set strong expectation, teens are not likely to use drugs despite peer pressure.

Stick to the fact

Teen in most cases are known to getting information from the internet and then citing it to justify their posture when it comes to cannabis sales from Kush Dispensary. But the question is what kind of information are they pulling out from the internet? They usually pull out unreliable information from the drug promotional site to support the advantages linked to using cannabis. They don’t want to know the fact that the internet can provide inaccurate and deceitful information as well. So, as a parent, you should teach teens to get information from the most reliable sources before jumping to a mistaken conclusion. As well, parents need to tell their teens to be checking both the supporting and opposing sites to know which one weighs more fact than the other.

Get involved

As much as teens years are a time for autonomy and independence, still, parents need to continue to bond with them. Parents are required to be actively involved in the entire life of their teens. Research has revealed that when teens and parents are in a good relationship, then the chance that teens will involve in cannabis use is less because they don’t want to disappoint their parents. So, parents are required to get involved in their teen’s life to avoid too much concern that can give them sleepless nights.

Keep the lines of communication open

Once the parent set the expectation, they must walk a good line between having a good relationship and adhering to rules – see more detail here https://bud365.ca/. It’s fundamental for teens to feel comfortable whenever they are going to discuss issues such as drug and sex with trusted adults. Open frank discussion is not best because it leads to precautionary educational dialogue. The best parent-child communication starts with less talk and a full of listening. So, the parent should look at possible ways to ensure that children avoid the use of cannabis.


Every parent wants the best to come out of their children in whatever they are doing. When their children involve themselves in cannabis use, they get worried so much because they want a bright future for their teens. Parents are, therefore supposed to follow the mentioned above things to avoid a lot of worries regarding their teens. In doing so, they will have accomplished one of the responsibility that is required from them that is guidance and control.